Replacing the Speaker Module

1. Align and replace the Speaker Module in the lower IMPORTANT: Run the LCD cables over the Speaker case. Module as shown to avoid trapping when the Switch

Cover is replaced.

Speaker Aspire 4736z

2. Reconnect the Speaker cable. 3. Replace the adhesive tape to secure the LCD

cables in place.

Acer Replacement Specker
4. Replace the two securing screws as shown.
Cmos Reset Aspire 4736zg

1. Place the Keyboard on the Upper Cover, face up 2. Insert the Keyboard, front edge first, into the Upper and reconnect the FFC cable to the Mainboard. Cover as shown. Ensure that the five tabs are correctly seated.

Wedding Nephew

3. Press down both sides of the keyboard to locate it correctly.

  1. Place the Switch Cover on the Upper Case as shown.
  2. Press down both sides of the Switch Cover to snap it into place.
3. Continue to press down as shown to correctly seat the Switch Cover on the Upper Cover.
Casing Laptop 4736

4. Turn the computer over and replace the six securing screws as shown.

Inside 7720g

IMPORTANT:The left and right Hinge Covers are shaped differently and marked L and R on the inside. Ensure that the correct cover is used during reassembly.

1. Align the Hinge Covers screw hole side up and slide them on to the hinge assemblies.

2. Replace the two securing screws and caps.

Close the ODD drawer.
2. Align the ODD Bracket as shown and replace the securing screws.
Acer Aspire 1360 Hdd Chassis Bracket
  1. Push the ODD Module into the chassis as shown 4. Replace the securing screw. until the bezel is flush with the casing.
  2. Place the HDD carrier on the HDD.
  3. Replace the four securing screws (two each side).
  4. Place the HDD carrier on the HDD.
  5. Replace the four securing screws (two each side).
Acer Aspire 4736z Hdd Disassemble
3. Place the HDD Module in the HDD bay as shown and slide it in the direction of the arrow to connect the interface.
Acer Aspire 7736 Repair
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