Clearing a BIOS Password

To clear a lost BIOS password (user or supervisor password) you need to short the G61hardware gap located near the HDD connector.

Default Setting



Open (normal)

Short to clear the user and supervisor passwords.

To clear a BIOS password:

  1. Turn off the computer and unplug all the peripherals connected to it.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the computer.
  3. Remove the battery pack according to the instructions described on page 28.
  4. Remove the lower case cover according to the instructions described on page 29.
  5. Remove the HDD module according to the instructions described on page 31.
  6. Locate the G61 gap. It is near the processor socket.
Electric Conductivity Tool
  1. Use an electrical conductivity tool to short the two contacts on the hardware gap together.
  2. While resting the tool on the two contacts, plug one end of the AC adapter into the DC-in jack and plug one end to an electrical outlet.
  3. Press the button to turn on the system.
  4. After the BIOS POST, remove the tool from the hardware gap.
  5. Reinstall the HDD module, battery pack, and the lower case cover.
  6. Turn on the computer and press F2 during bootup to access the Setup Utility.
  7. Press F9 to load the system defaults.
  8. Press F10 to save the changes you made and close the Setup Utility.

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