Acer ePower Management "'

Acer ePower Management features a straightforward user interface. To launch it, select Acer ePower Management from the Empowering Technology interface.

AC Mode (Adapter mode)

The default setting is "Maximum Performance." You can adjust CPU speed, LCD brightness and other settings, or click on buttons to turn the following functions on/off: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CardBus, FireWire (1394), Wired LAN and Optical Device if supported.

DC Mode (Battery mode)

There are three pre-defined profiles - Balanced, Power Saver, and High Performance. You can also define the power plan optimized for your needs.

To create new power plan

  1. Select a predefined power plan and click the " q " icon shown on the lower left-hand side.
  2. Enter the name for the newly created power plan.
  3. Select one of the predefined power plan that is closest to what you want.
  4. Change the display and sleep settings as desired.
  5. Click "OK" to apply the setting.
  6. A new power plan is created.

Battery status

For real-time battery life estimates based on current usage, refer to the time shown in the "Remaining Battery Life" field.

Power Plan: □ Balanced

Remaining Battery Life: - 3 Hours 05 Mirs 0

Power Plan: □ Balanced

Remaining Battery Life: - 3 Hours 05 Mirs 0

On Battery

Plugged In

More Power Options

CPU speed

-o- 1

LCD brightness

-«- HÜB

Turn off the disptay

(l5Mins w'

Put the computer to steep

I 30 Mins T




ß Wireless LAN 0


@ Bluetooth


Q FireWire (1394) O


Power Plan: Restore ! Apply j

Power Plan: Restore ! Apply j

For additional power options, click "More Power option".

Acer eAudio Management "

Acer eAudio Management allows you to easily control the enhanced sound effects of Dolby® Home Theater™ on your system. Select "Movie" or "Game" mode to experience the awesome realism of 5.1-channel surround sound from just 2 speakers, via Dolby Virtual Speaker technology. "Music" mode lets you enjoy your favorite tunes, in vivid detail.

Acer Eaudio 4320

Acer ePresentation Management

Acer ePresentation Management lets you project your computer's display to an external device or project using the hot key: Fn + F5. If auto-detection hardware is implemented in the system, your system display will be automatically switched out when an external display is connected to the system.

Acer eDataSecurity Management

Acer eDataSecurity Management is handy file encryption utility that protects your files from being accessed by unauthorized persons. It is conveniently integrated with Windows explorer as a shell extension for quick and easy data encryption/decryption and also supports on-the-fly file encryption for MSN Messenger and Microsoft Outlook.

The Acer eDataSecurity Management setup wizard will prompt you for a supervisor password and default encryption. This encryption will be used to encrypt files by default, or you can choose to enter your won file-specific password when encrypting a file.

NOTE: The password used encrypt a file is the unique key that the system needs to decrypt it. If you lose the password, the supervisor password is the only other key capable of decrypting the file. If you lose both passwords, there will be no way to decrypt your encrypted file! Be sure to safeguard all related passwords!

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