Acer eData Security Management for selected models

Acer eDataSecurity Management is an encryption utility that protects your files from being accessed by unauthorized persons. It is conveniently integrated with Windows Explorer as a shell extension for quick data encryption/decryption and also supports on-the-fly file encryption for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

The Acer eDataSecurity Management setup wizard will prompt you for a supervisor password and default encryption password. This password will be used to encrypt files by default, or you can choose to enter your own password when encrypting a file.

NOTE: The password used to encrypt a file is the unique key that the system needs to decrypt it. If you lose the password, the supervisor password is the only other key capable of decrypting the file. If you lose both passwords, there will be no way to decrypt your encrypted file! Be sure to safeguard all related passwords!

Acer Edatasecurity Management Acer 4520

Acer eLock Management is simple yet effective utility that allows you to lock removable storage, optical and floppy drive devices to ensure that data can't be stolen while your system is unattended.

  • Removable Storage Devices — includes USB disk drives, USB pen drives, USB flash drives, USB MP3 drives, USB memory card readers, IEEE 1394 disk drives, and any other removable storage devices that can be mounted as a file system when plugged into the system.
  • Optical Drive Devices — includes any kind of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive devices.
  • Floppy Drive Devices — 3.5-inch floppy drives only.

To use Acer eLock Management, the Empowering Technology password must be set first. Once set, you can apply locks to any of the devices types. Lock(s) will immediately be set without any reboot necessary, and will remain after rebooting, until removed.

NOTE: If you lose the Empowering Technology password, there is no method to reset it except by reformatting your system. Make sure to remember or write down your password.


Acer eRecovery Management is a versatile backup utility. It allows you to create full or incremental backups, burn the factory default image to optical disc, and restore from previously created backups or reinstall applications and drivers. By default, user-created backups are stored to the D:\ drive.

Acer eRecovery Management provides you with:

  • Password protection (Empowering Technology password)
  • Full and incremental backups to hard disk or optical disc
  • Creation of backups:
  • Factory default image
  • User backup image
  • Current system configuration
  • Application backup
  • Restore and recovery:
  • Factory default image
  • User backup image
  • From previously-created CD/DVD
  • Reinstall applications/drivers

FuU Backup:

Back up full system configuration and tiles.

FuU Backup:

Back up full system configuration and tiles.








4 1

* 1

O f Jotify me if the change from last incremental backup is more than

I 200 MB

O f Jotify me if the change from last incremental backup is more than

I 200 MB

NOTE: If your computer did not come with a Recovery CD or System CD, please use Acer eRecovery Management's "System backup to optical disc" feature to burn a backup image to CD or DVD. To ensure the best results when recovering your system using a CD or Acer eRecovery Management, detach all peripherals (except the external Acer ODD, if your computer has one), including your Acer ezDock.

Acer eSettings Management allows you to inspect hardware specifications, set BIOS passwords and modify boot options.

Acer eSettings Management also:

  • Provides a simple graphical user interface for navigation.
  • Prints and saves hardware specifications.
  • Lets you set an asset tag for your system.
Download Acer Mobility Center
■0 Windows Mobility Center

ifti ! DisPlay brightness n

H (100%)



Battery Status

Wireless Network

M i No display ^i1 connected

Mo sync partnerships

l^fr Not presenting

| Connect display |

Sync settings

| TMm„„ |

External Display

Sync Center

Presentation Settings

3GQT" Customized by Acer Inc.

j. Sharing Service On

. User Gurd^ ^gj Drivers and Utilities

1 Di»blt 1

I Launch J

Shared Folder

Software Page

The Windows Mobility Center collects key mobile-related system settings in one easy-to-find place, so you can quickly configure your Acer system to fit the situation as you change locations, networks or activities. Settings include display brightness, power plan, volume, wireless networking on/off, external display settings, display orientation and synchronization status.

Windows Mobility Center also includes Acer-specific settings like Bluetooth Add Device (if applicable), sharing folders overview/sharing service on or off, and a shortcut to the Acer user guide, drivers and utilities.

To launch Windows Mobility Center:

  • Use the shortcut key > + <X>
  • Start Windows Mobility Center from the Control panel
  • Start Windows Mobility Center from the Accessories program group in the Start menu
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