Removing a System Password

  1. Use the up/down keys to select a password parameter (Set Supervisor Password, Set User Password, or Set Secondary MAS.Disk Password), then press Enter.
  2. Enter the current password then press Enter.
  3. Press Enter twice without entering anything in the new and confirm password fields.
  4. After doing this, the system automatically sets the related password parameter to Clear.

This menu allows you to set the drive priority during system boot-up. The system will attempt to boot from the first device on the list. If the first device is not available, it will continue down the list until it reaches an available device. BIOS setup will display an error message if the drive(s) specified is not bootable.

Acer 5920g Boot MenuSupervisor Password Acer 1360



Exit Saving Changes

Save changes made and close the BIOS setup.

Exit Discarding Changes

Discards changes made and close the BIOS setup.

Load Setup Defaults

Loads the default settings for all BIOS setup parameters. Setup Defaults are quite demanding in terms of resources consumption. If you are using low-speed memory chips or other kinds of low-performance components and you choose to load these settings, the system might not function properly.

Discard Changes

Discards all changes made in the BIOS setup.

Save Changes

Saves changes made in the BIOS setup.

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  • destiny
    How to remove setup password on acer aspire 4710?
    9 years ago
  • wanda
    How I can disable password of my acer 4710z?
    12 days ago

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