Remove Hddbios Password Utilities

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS method: Remove HDD Password:

If you key in the wrong HDD password three times, an error is generated along with an error code. Note down this code.

Reset Bios Acer Aspire 4710

To reset the HDD password, perform the following steps:

1. In DOS mode, use the code generated previously to execute the command Unlock6.exe 09652 00 and then select option 2 to get the password. Note down the password, e.g.: XXGL9XF

C :\TOOLSsHDPW>unlockB 89652 88 unlocliB.exe vl.l 2 May 2883

Choice what kind of the password to be genereted •*

0.) Exit

  1. Scan Code
  2. Upper case ASCII Code
  3. Louer case ASCII Code Enter your choice :2 XXGL9XF



  1. Shut down the computer by holding down the Power button for 4 seconds.
  2. Power on the computer and input the HDD password from previous steps to unlock the HDD.

Removing BIOS Passwords:

To clear the User or Supervisor passwords, open the RAM door and use a metal instrument to short the RST_RTC jumper.

Aspire 4710 Bios Reset Jumper

Cleaning BIOS Passwords

To clear the password, perform the following steps: 1. From a DOS prompt, Execute clnpwd.exe

C ;\IOOLS\CLNPMII>clnpwd fICER Clean fassuord Utility U1.0B Press 1-3 to clean any password shown as below l.User Password 2,Supervisor Password 3.Hdd Password

Clean User Password Successfully! C TDOLSsCLHPMD >c In pud ACE* Clean Password Utility Ul.HB Press 1-3 to clean any password shown as below l.User Password Supervisor Password f|3.Hild Password

2. Press 1 or 2 to clean the desired password shown on the screen. The onscreen message determines whether the function is successful or not.

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