Acer Arcade Deluxe

Acer Arcade Deluxe is an integrated player for music, photos, DVD movies and videos. Use the

MediaConsole, touchpad or arrow keys to select the media type you wish to enjoy.

Acer Arcade Deluxe
  • Cinema — watch DVDs, VCDs or Blu-Ray movies, and video clips
  • Homemedia — connect to other devices wirelessly to share media content
  • Advanced — change settings, update your Arcade software, view the help file and About information
  • Albums — view photos stored on your hard disk or removable media
  • Music — listen to music files in a variety of formats
  • Online Media — browse online content from YouTube and Flickr

NOTE: While watching videos, optical discs or slideshows, your screensaver and power-saving features are unavailable.

NOTE: For more detailed information on the features of Acer Arcade, please refer to the Arcade Help menu. This can be accessed from the Arcade home page by selecting Help.

General controls

When watching video clips, movies or slideshows using full-screen resolution, two pop-up control panels are shown when you move the pointer. They automatically disappear after several seconds. The Navigation Controls panel appears at the top and the Player Controls panel appears at the bottom of the screen.

Navigation controls

To return to the Arcade home page, click the Home button in the upper-left corner of the window. To go up one folder level while searching for content, click the arrow. The buttons in the upper right (minimize, maximize, close) have standard PC behaviors.

To quit Arcade, click the Close button in the upper right corner of the window.

Player controls

At the bottom of the window, the player controls — used for video, slideshows, movies and music — are shown. They provide standard playback controls (play, pause, stop, etc.) and volume controls (mute and volume up/down).

NOTE: When playing movies from optical discs, there are additional controls added to the right of the volume controls.

These are discussed in more detail in the Cinema of this guide.

Cinema Play Movie:

Click Play Movie to watch a movie from your optical disc drive. Depending in the type of optical drive installed in your computer, you can play movies from Blu-Ray discs, standard DVDs and video CDs (VCDs) with the Cinema function of Acer Arcade Deluxe. This player has the features and controls of a typical DVD player.

When you insert a disk into the DVD drive, the movie begins playing automatically. To control the movie, the pop-up player control panel appears at the bottom of the window when you move the pointer.

If more than one optical drive contains a playable disc, you will be asked to select which one you would like to watch when you click Play Movie.

Alternatively, you can select content stored on your HDD by clicking Videos and navigating to the video clip you wish to view using a folder browser.

When viewing DVDs, the following special controls are added to the pop-up panel:

  • DVD Menu
  • Subtitles
  • Language
  • Snapshot
  • Angle

If you move your mouse/cursor while you're watching a movie, a menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. This contains buttons to control the movie playback, select subtitles, adjust volume, select soundtrack language and set advanced features.

NOTE: Function availability will depend on what the optical disc being played supports.

Clicking the stop button will stop the movie playback, and return you to the Cinema main screen. At the bottom of the screen are buttons that allow you to resume the movie from the point it was stopped, restart the movie from the beginning or eject the disk.


Click Videos to watch a video clip stored on your hard drive.

NOTE: The Video feature is designed to play back many different kinds of video formats. Refer to the Video help section for a full list of compatible formats. If you want to watch a DVD or VCD, use Cinema.

Playing a video file:

Click Videos to open a file browser to navigate to the video clip you want to view.

To play a video file, double-click on it. The video will play at full screen. The pop-up control panel will appear at the bottom of the screen when you move the mouse. To return to the Video page, click Stop.

You can capture a still of a scene by clicking the Snapshot button in the pop-up control panel.

Recent Videos:

Shows video clips saved recently. Double-click on a clip to watch it.


HomeMedia is a program that lets you access and share media files and TV signals via your home network. HomeMedia gives you access to your network computers with Media Server and TV Server installed, so you can view shared music, videos, pictures and TV signals.

Click HomeMedia to open the main page that displays a list of the media and TV servers available on your network. HomeMedia is compatible with most UPnP client devices. Click Refresh at any time to search for newly shared media servers.

NOTE: You must first install and setup Media Server to share media files and TV Server to share TV signals. You will need to have your wireless adaptor active before you can use HomeMedia.


This section contains the settings in Acer Arcade Deluxe that allow you to finetune its performance to suit your machine and your personal preferences.

Live Update:

Click Live Update to connect to the Internet to check for, and download, available updates to the software.


Click Settings to make various adjustments to your Acer Arcade Deluxe. Here, you will be able to modify Display, Audio, Photo, DVD and BD settings to get the best out of your computer.


Use this section to set the display type. You can choose the Display Output and Color Profile to suit your environment and preferences.

Under Display Output, you can select from CinemaVision, Letterbox or Pan & Scan:

  • The Letterbox option displays widescreen movie content in its original aspect ratio and adds black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Acer CinemaVision is a nonlinear video stretching technology that produces minimal distortion in the center of the picture.
  • Pan & Scan displays the central portion of DVD titles in widescreen ratio, and allows you to drag the display area to view different portions of the video.


Use Speaker Environment to choose between Headphones, SPDIF, 2 Speakers or more speakers depending on your audio equipment.

Output Mode should be set to Stereo if you are using speakers, Dolby Surround, or Virtual Surround Sound if you are using headphones. You can select from a variety of Virtual Surround Sound settings to create the effects of different venues.

NOTE: If your speakers are not capable of outputting lowfrequency signals, it is recommended that you do not select Virtual Surround Sound, in order to avoid damaging your speakers.

Audio Channel Expander should be used for better 4- or 6- speaker output.

Dynamic Range Compression can compensate for different listening environments for enhanced audio enjoyment.


Use this page to set preferences for your slideshow when viewing photos. DVD:

Acer Arcade Deluxe has several features and technologies to extend battery life while watching DVD movies. On this page, you can select whether you wish to turn the features off or not.

NOTE: Turning on Extend Playback Time, will result in a small loss of playback performance. Flickr:

Set your preferences for viewing and downloading images from Flickr.

In each of the above sections, you can click Default to return the Acer Arcade Deluxe settings to their default values.


Click Help to view the Help file for detailed information on using Acer Arcade Deluxe.


Click About to view the copyright and vendor information for Acer Arcade Deluxe.


Acer Arcade Deluxe lets you view digital photos individually or as a slideshow, from any available drive on your computer. Click Albums to open the main page.

Click Photos to open a folder browser that shows both individual pictures and folders. Click on a folder to open it.

To view a slideshow, open the folder containing the pictures you wish to view, select all or some of the pictures and click Slideshow. The slideshow is played at fullscreen resolution. Use the pop-up control panel to control the slideshow.

You can also view a single picture by clicking on it. This opens the picture at fullscreen resolution. You can then use the onscreen controls to zoom in and out, and to pan in four directions.

Editing Pictures

Choose Menu > Fix and you can Rotate, Remove Red Eye, and Auto Fix (optimize the brightness and contrast) pictures to improve the appearance of your images.

Slideshow settings

To change slideshow settings refer to the Arcade section above.


For convenient access to your music collection, click Music to open the Music homepage.

Select the folder, CD or category that contains the music you want to listen to. Click Play to listen to the entire content from the beginning, or select the song that you want to hear from the list.

The songs in the folder are shown as a list with album information at the top of the page, while the toolbar at the bottom of the page has controls for Play, Shuffle, Repeat All, Visualize, Volume and Menu. Visualize allows you to watch computer-generated visuals while you listen to music.

Online Media

Online Media gives you easy access to photos and videos uploaded to the popular Flickr and YouTube websites.

NOTE: You need to be connected to the Internet to use the Online Media function.


You can view the 30 most viewed video clips on YouTube by selecting YouTube from the Online Media homepage. The video clips will be displayed as thumbnails, select a thumbnail to view the video clip's title and number of views. Press <Enter> or double-click a thumbnail to view the video.

Alternatively, you can log into your YouTube account to view your favorite video clips. You need to be logged in to save a video clip to your favorites.


Select Flickr to view 200 recently uploaded photos on Flickr. You can log into your Flickr account to view your own photostream or your contacts' photos.

You can also search for photos from your own stream, contacts' streams or all of Flickr.

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