Disassembling the LCD Module

  1. Remove the four screw caps as shown.
  2. Remove the four screws holding the LCD bezel.
  3. Then detach the LCD bezel from the LCD module.
Disassembly Acer 5630 Lcd
  1. Remove the screw fastening the LCD inverter.
  2. Take out the LCD inverter from the LCD cover, then disconnect the LCD cable from the inverter.
  3. Disconnect the LCD power cable on the other side.
Acer 5630 Inverter
  1. Remove the two screws fastening the LCD assembly.
  2. Take out the LCD assembly from the LCD panel.
  3. Tear off the tape fastening the LCD cable.
  1. Remove the four screws fastening the LCD right bracket.
  2. Remove the LCD right bracket.
Acer Aspire 5630 Disassembly

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    How to remove inverter acer 5630?
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    How is disengage the screen on a Aspire 3690?
    9 years ago

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