Remove Hddbios Utility

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS method:

Remove HDD Password:

□ If you key in wrong HDD password for three time, "HDD password error code" would display on the screen. See the image below.

Hdd Password

□ If you need to solve HDD password locked problem, you can run HDD_PW.EXE

  1. Key in "hdd_pw 15494 0"
  2. Select "2"
  3. Choose one upper-case string


Uolurae in drivs F has !)& label. Uolmme Serial Nutiber is D4F6-023Î)

iiirectorij of F:\paiiswttrd

C. ] C. . 1

  • 3 File is > 1- 2 »ir<s>
  • pft£swordjhdd B Jin loiikG.RKE yi.l-1 Hay Ht



487.895,048 bytes free hoi.cft whet kind of the password to be genereted: .> Exit ,> Scan Code 2 . > Unities- case A3CI Ï Code 3.> Lower tas« flSÇUJ Code i m up tlioicei 2 ]2 0KJFN42 *—*


□ Reboot system and key in "0KJFN42" or "UVEIQ96" to HDD user password.

System Disabled Acer 5580

Remove BIOS Password:

□ If you key in wrong Supervisor Password for three time, "System Disabled" would display on the screen. See the image below.

System Disabled Bios

□ If you need to solve BIOS password locked problem, you can run BIOS_PW.EXE

  1. Key in "bios_pw 14452 0"
  2. Choose one upper-case string

™ C:\W1NDOWS\system32\cmd.exe fiicrusoft «indowr K}1 Uhrraiüii 5.JL.26B8] iC> Copyright 1985-2B01 ilicvosoft Corp.

CADocunents and Settingis\M54>d:

3)- xj(bios _jp" 14452 B ") ^ -iinliCKo - SM iTTTB I July 1997


  • fozjaj -t-
  • Reboot the system and key in "qjjg9vy" or "07yqmjd" to BIOS user password.
Password Locked

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