Removing the ODD Module and the LCD module

  1. Remove the screws fastening the ODD module as shown.
  2. Use a flat headed screwdriver to push the ODD module outwards then remove it.
  1. Open the LCD module as shown and detach the middle cover carefully.
  2. Remove the two screws fastening the keyboard.
  1. Turn over the keyboard as shown.
  2. Disconnect the keyboard cable then remove the keyboard.
  1. Tear off the mylard festening the wireless antenna set.
  2. Pull out the wireless antenna from the main unit carefully.
  3. Disconnect the LCD cable from the main board.
  1. Remove two screws holding the LCD module.
  2. Remove another two screws fastening the LCD module on the botton.
  3. Then detach the LCD module from the main unit carefully.

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