Removing the RAM Module Mini PCI Card Thermal ModuleCPU

  1. Release the four screws holding the thermal module cover.
  2. Remove the thermal module cover.
  3. Pull the RAM module locks at the same time as the arrows indicate.
  4. The RAM module will pop up then detach it. Repeat the anterior step to remove another RAM module.
  5. Pull the Mini PCI card locks at the same time as the arrows indicate.
  6. The Mini PCI card will pop up then detach it.
  7. Disconnect the auxiliary antenna cable (gray) and the main antenna cable (black).
Mini Pci Acer Aspire 6530Sisten Fan Acers Aspire 7000
  1. Release the two screws securing the system fan.
  2. Disconnect the system fan cable carefully the remove the system fan.
  3. Release the four screws securing the CPU heatsink.
  4. Remove the CPU heatsink as the arrow indicates.
  5. Counter clockwise release the screw securing the CPU using a flat head screw driver.
  6. Carefully detach the CPU.
Acer 7535g HeatsinkDisassembly Acer 3100
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