PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

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Advanced Security Boot Exit^^^^^^^J

Item Specific Help

System Time:


System Date:


<Tab>, <Shift-Tab>, or

<Enter> selects field.

System Memory:

633 KB

Extended Memory:

1046528 KB

Video Memory

128 MB


Power on Display:


Network Boot


F12 Boot Menu:


D2D Recovery :




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Setup Defaults



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Select 4 Sub-Menu

MSave and Exit

  • System Time and System Date: The hours are displayed with 24-hour format. The changes in these two items take effect immediately.
  • System Memory: This item reports the memory size of system base memory. The size is fixed to 640KB.
  • Extended Memory: It reports the memory size of the extended memory in the system. The extended memory size is equal to total memory size (one MB).
  • Video Memory: It indicates the video memory size.
  • Quiet Boot:
  • Enabled: Customer Logo is displayed, and Summary Screen is disabled.
  • Disabled: Customer Logo is displayed, and Summary Screen is enabled.
  • Power on Display:
  • Auto: During power on process, the system will detect if any display device is connected on external video port. If any external display device is connected, the power on display will be only in CRT (or projector) mode. Otherwise, it will be in LCD mode.
  • Both: Both the integrated LCD and the external video port (for an external CRT or projector) will be enabled simultaneously.
  • Network Boot: It permits the users to boot from network.
  • Enabled: When it is enabled, the users can modify device boot priority by pressing <F12> during POST.
  • Disabled: When it is not enabled, device boot priority will not be adjustable during POST.
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