Ene Cb Card Bus Host Adapter




• 3.3V operation with I/O 5V tolerance

• LFBGA 169-ball package

• Pinout compatible with ENE CB1410

• PCI interface

1. Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3

2. Compliant with PCI Bus PW Management Interface Specification Revision 1.1

3. Compliant with PCI Mobile Design Guide Version 1.1

4. Compliant with Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification Revision 1.0

• CardBus Interface

1. Compliant with PC Card Standard 8.0

2. Standardized Zoomed Video Register Model support


• Secure Digital Interface

1. Compliant with SD Host Controller Standard Specification Version 1.0

2. SD Suspend/Resume Functionality support

3. DMA mode to minimize CPU overhead support

4. High speed with the SD clock frequency up to 50MHz support

5. Contain two 512-byte buffer to maximize the transfer speed

6. Traffic LED light support

7. Over current protection support

• Memory Stick Interface

1. Compliant with Memory Stick PRO Format Specification Version 1.0

2. 4-bit parallel data transfer mode support

3. Memory stick clock frequency up to 40MHz

4. DMA mode to minimize CPU to overhead

5. Traffic LED light support

• SmartMedia/xD-Picture Interface

1. Compliant with SmartMedia Standard 2003

2. Compliant with xD - PictureCardTM Card Specification Version 1.0

3. Hardware ECC (1-bit correction and 2-bit detection) Generation

4. DMA mode to minimize CPU overhead

5. Traffic LED light support

• Interrupt Configuration

1. Parallel PCI Interrupts support

2. Parallel IRQ and Parallel PCI interrupts

3. Serialized IRQ and PCI interrupts

• Power Management Control Logic

1. CLKRUN# protocol support

2. SUSPEND# support

3. PCI PME# from D3, D2, D1 and D0 support

4. PCI PME# from D3 cold support

• Zoomed Video port

• Parallel 4-wire power switch interface

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