Touchpad basics

The following items teach you how to use the touchpad:

  • Move your finger across the touchpad (2) to move the cursor.
  • Press the left (1) and right (4) buttons located on the edge of the touchpad to do selection and execution functions. These two buttons are similar to the left and right buttons on a mouse. Tapping on the touchapd is the same as clicking the left button.
  • Use the 4-wa scroll (3) button to scroll up or down and move left or right a page. This button mimics your cursor pressing on the right scroll bar of Windows applications.


Left button (1)

Right button (4)

Touchpad (2)

Center button (3)


Click twice quickly.

Tap twice (at the same speed as double-clicking a mouse button).


Click once.

Tap once.


Click and hold, then use finger to drag the cursor on the touchpad.

Tap twice (at the same speed as double-clicking a mouse button); hold finger to the touchpad on the second tap and drag the cursor.

Access context menu

Click once.


Click and hold to move up/down/left/ right.

NOTE: Keep your fingers dry and clean when using the touchpad. Also keep the touchpad dry and clean. The touchpad is sensitive to finger movement, hence, the lighter the touch, the better the response. Taping harder will not increase the touchpad's responsiveness.

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