Table of Contents

Disassemble the Upper Case 64

Disassemble the Main Unit(Touchpad, Bluetooth and LCM Board) 65

Disassemble the Main Unit(Speakers, Fan, Thermal and CPU) 66

Disassemble the Main Unit(VGA, Card Reader, Sub-Woofer and M/B) 67

Disassemble the LCD Module 68

Disassemble the ODD Module 69

Disassemble the HDD Module 69

Chapter 4 Troubleshooting 70

System Check Procedures 71

External Diskette Drive Check 71

External CD-ROM/DVD ROM Drive Check 71

Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check 72

Memory Check 72

Power System Check 72

Check the Power Adapter 73

Check the Battery Pack 74

Touchpad Check 74

Display Check 74

Sound Check 75

Insyde MobilePro BIOS POST Beep code and POST Messages 76

Index of Symptom-to-FRU Error Message 78

Intermittent Problems 82

Undetermined Problems 83

How to Build NAPP Master Hard Disc Drive 84

CD to Disk Recovery 84

Disk to Disk Recovery 87

Chpater 5 Jumper and Connector Locations 91

Top View 91

Bottom View 93

Power Board 94

TouchPad Board 95

SD Board 97

Media Board 98

LED Board 99

Bottom Board 100

Chapter 6 FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List 101

Exploded Diagram 102

Aspire 2010 Parts List 103

Aspire 2020 Parts List 111

Appendix A Model Definition and Configuration 116 Appendix B Test Compatible Components 117

Microsoft Windows XP Home Environment Test 118

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Environment Test 122

Appendix C Online Support Information 126

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