Sound Check

To determine if the computer's built-in speakers are functioning properly, perform the following steps. Before you start the steps below, adjust the speaker volume to an appropriate level.

  1. Try different audio sources. For example, employ audio CD and ditital music file to determine whether the fault is in the speaker system or not. If not all sources have sound problem, the problem is in the source devices. If all have the same problem, continue next step.
  2. Connect a set of earphone or external speakers. If these devices work fine, go to next step. If not, then the main board may be defective or damaged. Replace the main board.
  3. Follow the disassembling steps in Chapter 3. Esure the speaker cable is firmly connected to the main board. If the speaker is still a malfunction, go on next step.
  4. If the speakers do not sound properly, the speakers may be defective or damaged. Replace the speakers. If the problem still occurs, then replace the main board.

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