The Exit screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.

Insyde Software SCU

May 20, 2003 5:40:09

Main Advanced Security Boot


1 Exit Saving Changes |

--------------Exit Saving Changes-------------------

Exit Discarding Changes

Press <OK> to save the current

Load Setup Default

Setup parameters to CMOS RAM.

Discard Changes

The system will reboot !!!

H OK ^H Cancel

<Tab> <Right> <Left> for block select. <Up> <Down> for item select.

< Enter> for accept. <Cancel> <Esc> for reject. <Alt> activates accelerators.

<Space> for Enable or Disable.

The table below describes the parameters in this screen.



Exit Saving Changes

Allows the user to save changes to CMOS and reboot the system.

Exit Discarding Changes

Allows the user Discards changes made and exits System Setup.

Load Setup Default

Loads default settings for all parameters (same as g ).

Discard Changes

Allows the user to discard previous changes in CMOS Setup.

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