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This chapter gives you the FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) listing in global configurations of Aspire 2010/2020. Refer to this chapter whenever ordering for parts to repair or for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please also note that there are some common parts for Aspire 2000, yet the LCD modules are different in two model.

Please note that WHEN ORDERING FRU PARTS, you should check the most up-to-date information available on your regional web or channel. For whatever reasons a part number change is made, it will not be noted on the printed Service Guide. For ACER AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDERS, your Acer office may have a DIFFERENT part number code from those given in the FRU list of this printed Service Guide. You MUST use the local FRU list provided by your regional Acer office to order FRU parts for repair and service of customer machines.

NOTE: To scrap or to return the defective parts, you should follow the local government ordinance or regulations on how to dispose it properly, or follow the rules set by your regional Acer office on how to return it.

NOTE: Please visit website for the up to date SPL

Exploded Diagram

Acer Aspire 7720g Exploded View

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