Using DMITools

The DMI (Desktop Management Interface) Tool copies BIOS information to eeprom to be used in the DMI pool for hardware management.

When the BIOS displays Verifying DMI pool data it is checking the table correlates with the hardware before sending to the operating system (Windows, etc.).

To update the DMI Pool, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter into DOS.
  2. Execute dmitools.exe. The following messages show dmitools usage:

*** Compal DMI String Ft/W Utility Verl .40 for 2006/03/14



DMITOOLS [ /R I ;WP | /WS | /WU ] [ STRING ]


Read DMI Information from Memory


: Write Manufacturer Name to EEPROM


16 characters)


: Write Product Name to EEPROM.


16 characters)


: Write Serial Number to EEPROM


22 characters)


: Write UUID to EEPROM

(Ignore String )


: Write Asset Tag to EEPROM.


32 characters)

IMPORTANT:The following write examples (2 to 5) require a system reboot to take effect

Example 1: Read DMI Information from Memory


dmitools /r Output:

Manufacturer (Typel, 0ffset04h): Acer

Product Name (Typel, 0ffset05h): Aspire one xxxxx

Serial Number (Typel, 0ffset07h): 01234567890123456789

UUID String (Typel, 0ffset08h): xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Asset Tag (Type3, 0ffset04h): Acer Asstag

Example 2: Write Product Name to EEPROM


dmitools /wp Acer

Example 3: Write Serial Number to EEPROM


dmitools /ws 01234567890123456789

Example 4: Write UUID to EEPROM


dmitools /wu

Example 5: Write Asset Tag to EEPROM


dmitools /wa Acer Asstag

Using the LAN MAC Utility

Perform the following steps to write MAC information to eeprom:

1. Use a text editor, for example Notepad, to edit the MAC.CFG file as shown:

t MAC.CFG - Notepad

[email protected]®

| File Edit Format View Help

Tit1e= MAC Address byte





  • WriteData= '001122334455' <-------MAC value
  • StartAddr=7A <-------MAC address
  • WriteLeng=6 <-------MAC value length
  • KeepByte=0 <-------can be any value
  1. Boot into D0S.
  2. Execute MAC.BAT to write MAC information to eeprom.

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