FIR Ports

Configure the system's infrared port using options: Disabled and Enabled.

Phoenix cME FirstBIOS Pro Setup Utility

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Infrared Port (FIR) :


Base I/O address/IRQ:

[2F8/IRQ 3]


DMA channel:

[DMA 3]

Infrared port is not active.


Infrared port is active

and is user configured.

F1 Help ti Select Item F5/F6 Change Values Esc Exit <—> Select Menu Enter Select ► Sub-Menu

F9 Setup defaults F10 Save and Exit

The table below describes the parameters in the screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.




FIR I/O Settings

Sets the base I/O address and IRQ for Infrared port.

3F8/IRQ4 2F8/IRQ3

3E8/IRQ4 2E8/IRQ3

DMA Setting for Fast IR

Sets a DMA channel for the printer to operate in ECP mode. This parameter is enabled only if Mode is set to ECP.


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