Using System Utilities

Acer eManager

Innovative Acer eManagement software is designed for easy access to frequently used functions. At the press of Acer Empowering Key, the Acer eManager user interface appears, featuring four main settings -- Acer eSetting, Acer ePresentation, Acer ePowerManagement and Acer eRecovery.

Empowering Technology

Empowering Technology s?

Acer eSetting

Acer ePresentation

Acer ePowerManagement

Acer ePowerManagement

Acer eRecovery





Ig an easy way to manage the settings and security lofgjr PC.

naQiOp hassle out of making presentations.



ItQ^^a^ciage^œ^itiere to control all maximise battery life.


Acer eRecovery

It backs up your files preventing data loss in the Vryery system crash.

Launch Manager

Launch Manager allows you to set the two launch keys located above the keyboard.

You can access the Launch Manager by clicking on Start, All PrograrnsBaSIffli en Launch Manager to start

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