Main System Settings

The Basic System Settings screen allows you to set the system date and time.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

Information Main Advanced




System Time: System Date:

[08:46:55] [01/07/2003]

Item Specific Help

Boot Display Screen Expansion:

QuickBoot Mode:

Boot Time Diagnostic Screen

  • Auto] [Enabled]
  • Enabled] [Disabled]

Adjust calendar clock <Tab>, <Shift-Tab>, or <Enter> selects field.

Boot on Lan Hotkey Beep:

Auto Dimm F12 Multi-Boot

  • Disabled] [Enabled]
  • Enabled] [Enabled]

F1 Help Select Item Esc Exit ** Select Menu

F5/F6 Change Values F9 Setup Defaults Enter Select Sub-Menu F10 Save and Exit

The following table describes the parameters in this screen.




System Time

Sets the system time.

HH:MM:SS (hour:minute:second)

System Date

Sets the system date.

DDD MMM DD, YYYY (day-of-the-week month day, year)

Boot Display

Sets the display output device on boot up.

When set to Auto, the computer automatically determines the display device. If an external display device (e.g., monitor) is connected, it becomes the boot display. When set to Both, the computer outputs to both the computer display screen and an external display device if one is connected.

Auto or Both

Screen Expansion

Enable or disable the screen expansion function.

Enabled or Disabled

Quick Boot Mode

Allow the system to skip certain tests while booting. This will decrease the time needed to boot the system.

Enabled or Disabled




Boot-time Diagnostic Screen

Display logo screen during boot. Note: Enable to show the acer TravelMate picture screen on boot up.

Disabled or Enabled

Boot on LAN

When it is enabled, a remote host with an appropriate boot image can boot this computer via the internal LAN.

Note: Need to restart system for enabling Boot-on-LAN function.

Disabled or Enabled

Hotkey Beep

Enable or disable hotkey beep.

Enabled or Disabled

Auto Dim

The system will support an automatic dimming of the LCD backlight when the AC power is NOT available (running on battery power).

Enabled or Disabled

F12 Multi-Boot

Users could choose if to display 'Fn-F12 for multiboot' message during post.

Enabled or Disabled

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