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IMPORTANT: 1The diagnostics program we use for Aspire 1400 is not exactly the same as PQA (Product Quality Assurance), the diagnostic program we used to employ in other model. The system diagnostic utilities is provided by Acer Headquarters. You can utilize it as a basic diagnostic tool. To get this program, find it in the Aspire 1400 service CD kit. To better fit local service requirements, your regional office MAY have other diagnostic program. Please contact your regional offices or the responsible personnel/channel to provide you with further technical details.

NOTE: For ASSY Function Test Procedure, please prepare the following items for system components test: PIO loopback, formatted floppy diskette, CD-DISK (Test Program), Sycard (Card Bus)x2, AC-adapter, feather (to see if the fan works), TPDL server, USB_HUP, USB_barcode scanner.

1 New added description. Please pay attention to it.

Running Diagnostic Program 1. Test program download

Insert TPDL server LAN cable to Aspire 1400 RJ-45 Jack and power on the system via network boot. Download the ASSY/PACK test program image. If you see the message below display on the screen, then the image download is complete.

Press any key to continue

2. Parallel Port Test

Insert PIO loopback to parallel port, then run "PIO.exe" for testing.

***** Parallel Port lest Progran !! *** VI.0 10/16/00 **

Jesting LPI1 Internal Loopback: Testing patterns...FF FF [ PASS ] Iesting LPI1 External Interrupt...[ PASS ] testing LPI1 External Loopback...

  1. Data Pin (p2~p9) S Err Pin (pl5) lest ..[ PASS ]
  2. Control Register lest ..[ PASS ]
  3. Control Pin S Status Pin Test ..[ PASS ] [ PASS ]
  4. RTC, FDD Test

Insert diskette to floppy disk drive, then run "Compalt.exe" for t test.

LAP :00031(0300:01)l

"lait for zero counter... resting.. >05:44:53<

DOS TIME = 05:44:52.13(2069213), CMOS TIME = 05:44:52(2069200) DOS DATE: 01/29/2002, CMOS DATE: 01/29/2002 DATE S TIME test Passed.



Testing Driver A: [1.44 MByte (Cyl:B0, Head:2, Sec:18)]... testing DMA transfer... Passed.

Testing Seq. seek/uerify... Head: 01, Track: 79... Passed. Testing Fun. seek/verify... Head: 01, Track: 60...

4. Configuration check for each SKU

Run "ACR10CFG.bat". You will see the display below. Then insert USB_Barcode scannner to input the SKU part number in oder to check each SKU configuration. .

CPU 1700 256 FIR. ISB-DUD ID1 NoHEP MODEM HDD 16MB 20000

If the configuration check has no problem, it will go to next test item. If the configuration check fails, the test program will pause and show the error configuration.

Please input tlie SKU nane : 1



5. Touch pad/USB Mouse Test

Run "FATMOUSE.exe" to check the touch pad function. Then plug in USB mouse to check its functions. Move the cursor to X=0, Y=0 and click left and right buttons as the test is complete. The test program will go to next item.

Please check for nouse action S status

Test end coordinate X=0 !/=0 and push left and right buttons

Coordinate Button

X !i Left Right

272 136 B 0

6. Video mode Test (LCD/CRT swithc)

Run "SS_PIXS.exe and check the R.G.B video mode display quality on LCD and CRT."

Rgb Video Test Pattern

7. Direct Button Test

Run the "BUTTON.exe" to test Audio DJ controls.



► ►

8. FAN ON/OFF Test

Run the"TEST42.exe". You may put a feather in front the fan to see if the fan works or not.

Press any key to continue

9. CD-ROM and Audio Test

Insert test CD to CD-ROM drive. Then run "Compalt.exe" to check CD-ROM function. If you hear sounds from left/right speakers, press "p" to next item.

LAP :RHRH1 (HHHH :HH) liUBKBIilfr CflMPAT, TSFT./F :AU. SCV INl Uersion :1.64

resting DMA transfer... Passed.

resting Seq. seek/werifg... Head: 01, Track: 69... Passed. Testing Fun. seek/verify. . . Head: 01, Track: 20... Passed.

:D ROM Drive Z:, MSCDEH yer.: 2.25, Driver nane : CDR0M1 , Uol.: COMPAL_TEST Total 264496 sectors(2352 bytes/sector) = 622094592 bgtes

Testing for SOOND AODIO CD: Louest Track :1, Highest Track :10

  • Audio Conpact Disc Plager — Uersion 1.03
  • SPACE] :Next, [-]:Prev., [P] :Pause/Continue, [J] :Eject/C lose , [Esc] :Stop [R] :Repeat/Unrepeat current track, [PgUp¡PgDn] :Uolune adjust
  • 02>
  • E] :Edit sequential plaging, [Q] :Quit progran onlg (00:00:13)

If you hear sounds from left/right speakers, then press "P" to pass this test item.

10. Keyboard Test

Run "KEY38N2.exe". Press all keys according to this order--from left to right and from up to down to test each key's function. If the test is pass then press b + Break to continue next test.

Uersion: 1.07

►Keyboard pad sequential test: 38NX Key GR natrix by new test<lD

Uersion: 1.07

►Keyboard pad sequential test: 38NX Key GR natrix by new test<lD

Break Delete Insert Scroll
<Ctr l-Breal<> Quit

11. Caps/Scroll/Number Lock LED Indicator Test

Press keyboard Caps Lock/Num Lk/Fn+Scroll Lk to check LED indicator.

Keyboard Caplock Flashing

12. Syscard Test (Carbus 32bit)

Insert two pieces of Syscard (Card bus) into PCMCIA slots then run "TESTCB.exe" for testing.

PCCtest 450/460 CardBus test software v2.07

Texas Instrunents PCI-1420 on Bus 2, Function 0, Device 0, Controller 1

Current Slot = 0 PCI Bus = 3 Scratch Buffer = 3600:0000

CardBus Socket Keg isters = 000D2000 Test Menory Window = 000D0000 CBus = 3

Checking Socket Controller Passed

Power on delay (Ucc = 3.3 volt) Conplete

Basic Operational Test Passed

Data Pattern Test Passed

Parity Error Test (CPERRlt) Passed

Parity Test (CPAR) Passed

CSERRtl Test Passed

Jcc Test Passed speaker Test Passed

:SISCHG Test Passed

CINTIt Test Passed

CRSW Test Passed

CCLKRUNtt lest Passed

¡¡lave Abort (CSIOPtt) Test Passed

PCCtest node I nunber 460 - Uersion 1.05

Configuring PCCtest Master Mode (M3) Conplete faster Mode Read Test Passed faster Mode Write Test Passed

Test conpleted with 0 errors - PASSED Press any key to continue . . .

13. Battery Charge Test

Insert AC adapter to the sytem, then run "591NEW2.exe" for testing.

  • NLV FOR 87591 Series Battery lest Progran.[591] U1.3 2801/11/15 «IAIN Battery
  • lanufacturer : Sony Serial Nunber : 10203

Design Capacity Ualue = 5880nflH

lattery ful [charge Capacity = 5880nAH

Design Uoltage Value = 14800nv [Lion]

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