Your computer provides an array of six indicators located above the keyboard, in addition to two indicators positioned at the from of the palm rest area. These indicators show the status of the computer and its components.

The six indicators located above the keyboard provide the following status information:.




Caps Lock active


Num Lock active (Note: the keypad lock must be turned on to use the embedded numeric keypad.)


Scroll Lock active


Floppy disk drive activity


Hard disk drive activity


Optical drive activity

The two indicators located at the front of the unit provide the following status information:





the AC adapter is connected and the battery is fully charged. the AC adapter is connected and the battery is charging. the AC adapter is connected and the battery has a fault. the AC adapter is not connected, or the battery is not installed.


Power mode: Steady green Flashing green Off

the computer is on (even if the display is turned off).

the computer is in standby mode.

the computer is turned off, or in hibernation mode.

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