This computer was designed with the user in mind. Here are just a few of its many features:


  • Moblie AMD Athlon XP1400+/ XP1800+, or higher processor
  • VIA ProSavage KN133 (Twister K)+VT8362 & VT8231 chipset
  • 2 memory slots supporting 133MHz SDRAM (PC-133), upgradeable to 1GB
  • 20GB or higer capacity Enhanced-IDE hard disk
  • Microsoft Windows XP operating system


  • The 14.1" or 15.0" display panel provides a large viewing area for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. The thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) supports extended graphics array (XGA) resolution, enabling 16.7 million colors at 1024X768
  • Aspire 1300 series notebook computer features an accelerated graphics port (AGP) video system integrated in the VIA S3 Savage 4 KN 133 (Twister K) chipset. This provides a robust solution and enables high quality video output.
  • Simultaneous LCD, external monitor or projector display


  • Build-in optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or DVD/CD-RW combo drive)
  • 14.1" or 15.0" XGA TFT LCD panel
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Audio input and output jacks


  • Built-in10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection
  • Built-in 56Kbps fax/data modem
  • 2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports

Human-centric design and ergonomics

  • All-in-one design (incorporating hard drive, optical drive and floppy disk drive)
  • Rugged, yet extremely protable, construction
  • Stylish appearance
  • Full-size keyboard with 4 programmable launch keys
  • Comfortable palm rest area with well-positioned touchpad


  • Upgradeable memory modules and hard disk
  • PC card slot enables a range of add-on options

Keyboard and Pointing Device

  • 87-(US)/88(Europe)-key Windows keyboard
  • Ergonomically-centered touchpad pointing device

I/O Ports


PCMCIA slot (type II or type III)


RJ-11 modem jack (V.90, 56K)


RJ-45 network jack (Ethernet 10/100) mbs


DC-in jack


parallel port (ECP/EPP compliant)


VGA (external monitor) port


headphone-out jack (3.5mm minijack)


microphone-in jack (3.5mm minijack)


Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports

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